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Friends here with I share with you some Jainism quotes which can give a quick introduction to Jain principles in simple and easy way. 
1-Ahinsa Parmo Dharma--. Non-violence is prime and basic religion for all.Non violence is foundation of our religion.It means
non violence is best religion to follow. Parmo means best in all.
2-Jiyo Aur Jine Do--! ----Live and let live--!! Life is being loved by all equally ,hence value for others lives as you love own life. Be it  life of human,plant or animal.Each life is precious.

3-Mithi Me Saav Bhuhesu. Ver Na Mazj Kenai------!!--All are my friends and I am enemy of no one .Mithi means friendship,
4-Kadana Kamman Na Mokha Atthi---No salvation possible unless all deeds and Karma are nullified.Kadana means -done.
5-Dananam Srestham -Abhaypayanam--In all charity to assure life of others is best and top charity. Nothing can match with it.
6-Echhahu Aagas Sama Anatiya---.Wishes are unending like sky.
This is a  practical quote by Mahaveerswami in "Uttaradhyansutra.
7-Samayam Goyama Na Pamaia-Gautam- time is precious not to waste it,utilize it fully for good deeds. Because,day,night,fraction of second once gone cannot be brought back by any mean.
 8-Shrdha Param Dulha----Faith on good teaching is too difficult.
 9-Jivo Jivyasya Jivanam- ---All love to live ,nobody wants to die.
10-Dhammo Sudassa Chhitaye- Religion stays within pure soul only.Non pure souls cannot get engaged in religion.
11-Tameva Saccham Nishankam, Jam Jinehim Pavehiyam-The only truth is what Thrithankar Bhagwan has preached without any doubt. I do not have sufficient  knowledge level to understand it.
12 Nigamtham Pavyanam Sachham-- It is the only truth as told by pure souls. Such truth will prevail over all the three period.
13-Kshama Virasya Bhushanam------Only brave can forgive. Forgiveness is ornament of brave souls. Cowards cannot offer it.
14-Khamemi Savve Jiva ,Savve Jiva Khamntu Mi--------I seek forgiveness from all  soul for misdeeds if any committed by me ,I also forgive all . Thus the memory for all wrongs is wiped out.
15-Michhami Dukadam-I feel sorry for doing it,pray for reduction in resulted sins. I will be for careful not to repeat it in future.
16-Siddaha Siddhi Mam Di Santu--Siddha Bhagwan please show me way to salvation and guide me to achieve it.
17-"Daya Sukani Beladi,Daya Sukhani Khan-----------!!!
     Ananta Jiv Mokhshe Gaya,Daya Tana Fal Jaan"---!!!
18-"Hinsa Dukhni Beladi,Hinsa Dukhni Khan----------!!!
     Ananta Jiv Narke Gaya, Hinsa Tana Faal Jaan"----!!!
(Daya means kindness.Beladi means a chain,Faal means result).
19-"Wa Wa Khamiyara Sagar,Marag Batayo-------------!!!
       Maraag Batayo,Mhane Raaste Lagayo "-------------!!!
(Many thanks to- Oh-! ocean of forgiveness,You have shown us
the way and put us on correct path ).
20-"Aho Bhayva Jio,Thirathankarni Wanino Raas Pijiye-----!!!.
Nahi Eh Samo Amrit Bijo, Jagmein Tum Sun Lijiye"---------!!!.
(All Bhavi souls  note to taste Thirtankarwani , there is no parallel
 teachings  (Amrit- immortal liquid) on earth when compared to it.)
21.-"Kammam Ch Jaaee. Maransya Mulam-"--Root cause of
births and deaths is only Karmabandhan.

JAI JINENDRA----------!!! JAI MAHAVEER------------!!!

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